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AI in Sales

Jun 2, 2018

This week on the AI in Sales podcast, I speak with CEO Nick Nikolaiev and CTO Alexander Leonov who co-founded the company TaskPace AI.

One of the toughest challenges on the road to using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to power our CRMs, is the ability to get salespeople and managers to use the system more...consistently.

TaskPace provides an AI Sales Management Assistant that helps managers focus sales teams on result-oriented activities and keeps them on pace through automated task management.

In this podcast, Nick and Alex talk about some of the shortcomings in CRM systems and how their application can complement a CRM and augment a salesperson's performance using a Task-Oriented Interface.

We talk about how TaskPace helps salespeople stay on task by producing a "Next Best Step" sequence when engaging with a prospect or existing client.

Lastly, we also touch on the difference between Natural Language Process and Natural Language Understanding along with finding activity patterns to help improve sales operations.

All this and a Google Maps analogy that's quite clever when compared to a magical "To Do List".